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For over 33 years recognized as the leading supplier for carbide tipped chain saw chain, Rapco Industries manufactures chain for typical and specialty cutting applications. Many thousands of customers use our chainsaw chain worldwide in over 66 countries, making it the most widely used product of its type on the market.

Whether you are dealing with extreme cutting conditions such as fire department roof ventilation, or lighter duty applications such as firewood cutting, stump removal and ripping, Rapco manufactures chains designed specifically or can design a carbide chain for your needs. Rapco manufactures two familiar styles of chainsaw chain cutting teeth, the chisel and the chamfer. We also manufacture two specialty chainsaw cutting teeth the Dragon and the Terminator. Each of the four styles of cutting teeth can be ground with an efficient round grind for cutting efficiency or with a flat grind for the best impact resistance when encountering applications requiring impact resistance.

Rapco also offers two superior grades of carbide on our chains, one for impact resistance and one for cutting edge endurance that will allow your carbide chainsaw chain to stay sharper up to 25 times longer than a standard steel chainsaw chain.

We are the only company in the world to manufacture multiple designs and configurations of all the standard pitches and gauges of carbide chainsaw chain allowing us to fit most chainsaws with a carbide chain that can be customized to your unique cutting requirements and conditions.

Rapco carbide chains are easily resharpenable with a diamond sharpener. We sell diamond sharpeners for chain bench grinders and small hand held grinders to sharpen all styles of the chain we manufacture. For a reasonable charge we also offer a sharpening and repair service that will re-sharpen your chain on the same equipment it was originally manufactured on for the best cutting performance.

We take great pride in the ability to help our customers for over 33 years resolve tough and unique cutting applications. We have the ability to provide special designs at the same price as our standard designs and our manufacturing team has tremendous skill and ability in maintaining our strict quality demands.

Download our chain selection guide for help in selecting the best chain design for your application or call us at 800-959-6130 for personal assistance in making a selection and ordering.

Find out what you have been missing in cutting performance, it’s your time to get a better chain and you’ll know that it’s more than just chainsaw chain. It’s a Rapco carbide chainsaw chain!




I bought 2 of these chains in January 2013, they have cut in half or better the time it takes us to cut hard wood. What used to take us two and a half hours now only takes forty five minutes. These chains are worth the money!

James D. Plains, TX
I have been very pleased with the results of having this carbide chainsaw chain on my saw, even now that it’s due for sharpening and service, it was still cutting like a hot knife thru butter.
Gordon J. Anchorage, AK
I recently ordered one of your carbide chains for a 16" Homelite that I have used for about 15 years replacing the standard chain many times. I have never enjoyed such performance trimming mesquite limbs on our ranch. It seems to cut through a 5" limb in about one third the time. Rick was most helpful in helping me to choose the correct specifications for my application. Kudos to him and your company.
Dennis K. Tucson, AZ
The Rapco carbide tip chain saw blade is a must! My previous stock metal blade initially lasted 20 minutes, then 2 minutes after sharpening, then 15 seconds after second sharpening, and finally 20 seconds after pro-sharpening. Gave up on that one. Rapco's carbide blade after 120 minutes is still going strong and so far has lasted 360 times longer than my last pro-sharpening and counting. Well worth the investment in money and value of loss of time and frustration...
Gene R. North Vancouver, Canada

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